Tommy Worrell's

Diamond W Chuckwagon Supper & Cowboy Show

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Tommy, most recently, has been in a Chinese western with Jet Lee, a Disney film "Across America" and "Jericho". He's also done four Travel Channel shows. Tommy and Sundance performed at the California State Fair in 1997. They also did a Pace Picante Sauce commercial and a commercial with President George Bush and President George W. Bush.

Tommy had a wild west stunt show at the Oregon Centennial and a World's Fair.

Tommy has done non-westerns such as General Hospital and The Poseidon Adventure.

Tommy's fast draw championships include: San Antonio Championships, Northwest United States Championships and Hemisphere Championships.

Dekota Mack, Roy Rogers and Tommy Worrell
On the grounds of Wild West Territory on the far right is Tommy Worrell with Dona to his left.

News clipping of Tommy Worrell on the set of the movie Jody at Alamo Village.
Tommy is getting shot off the horse.